“Ted Masur truly understands storytelling and is able to translate discussions about conflict, motivation, character arcs, etc. into inspired and functional score. His music makes things funnier, scarier, more moving – whatever the story needs. Ted is inventive and engaged, with collaborative skills that elevate the entire creative process. He is exactly the kind of person I want on my team when I’m making a film.”
— Jay Duplass (Producer/Writer/Director)

“Success in Hollywood is relationship driven and reliant on a talented team where everyone trusts each other’s expertise. Ted Masur is a passionate composer who understands film making and music’s role to visual media. He is one of the rising-star, under the radar composers in this industry who everyone loves to work with and is an invaluable asset to any creative production team.”
— Michael Todd (Sr. Director of Film, TV Music & Visual Media, ASCAP)

“I can’t speak highly enough of the work that Ted Masur did on my film. We had a very tricky tone that we were trying to achieve — a balancing act between comedy, drama and horror. Right off the bat Ted was able to zero in on that tone and give me a score that complemented the story perfectly. I could not be happier with the outcome of our collaboration. It was a joy working with him because he listened carefully, contributed great ideas, and went the extra mile to deliver fantastic music. I would have no problem recommending him, except for the fact that I want him all to myself!”
— Jacob Vaughan (Director/Writer/Editor)

“From the director’s point of view, hiring a composer is fraught with tension. Because a film’s score is binary. There’s no gray area. Either you love it, or it just won’t work. Thank God for Ted Masur. Because I never had a moment where I needed a day to walk around with his material. Ted created music that I was instantly in love with. End of story. I’ll never make a film without him.”
— Josh Shelov (Director/Writer/Producer)

“Ted is an extremely talented composer and an enthusiastic, generous collaborator.   On my film HomeGrown, he was able to take my non-musician’s ramblings, describing what I wanted from the score in bizarre metaphors and colors, and turn them into music that expressed feelings that I hadn’t been able to articulate.  When I was at the mix stage and I found a tear rolling down my cheek at the film’s climax I knew it was the beautiful score that was largely responsible.  He was a joy to work with and I could not have been happier with the result.”
— Robert McFalls (Director/Editor)

“I worked with Ted on Bad Milo. I am a re-recording mixer and have had a plethora of music pass through my console.  But this film, being extremely quirky, required and received a complex, accessible, poignant score that both rocked and drew tears.  It was intimate and huge, dense and deft, raising the bar, lifting the film to a new level.  It was a classy score for a classy/crass film.  Ted was also very collaborative and an asset on the stage, helping refine the final mix to an elegant experience.  I would recommend him in a minute and believe his abilities to be capable of any demands a filmmaker may have.”
— Rick Ash (Sound Re-Recording Mixer)